Photo Gallery: WPA in Oklahoma

The face of Oklahoma as we know it was profoundly influenced by the Works Progress Administration and Civilian Conservation Corps, both "New Deal" projects of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Administration. Especially in our small towns and state parks, the native stone structures housing schools, athletic fields and other public buildings are as familiar as the red dirt and the Crosstimbers. They are just the backdrops to our lives, their significance nearly invisible. My hope is to capture images of the Oklahoma work of the WPA before its faded beauty is gone.
1936 Armory, Okemah, Oklahoma
Interior of "Big Rock Shelter" at Okmulgee Lake State Park, restored from the original 1930's structure.

The architecture of the "Pecan Bowl" athletic complex in Okemah, Oklahoma is remincent of the Roman Colosseum.

Prairie Grove School,1938, southern Lincoln County, Oklahoma.

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